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Saltwater VS Chlorine Pools

Saltwater Vs Chlorine Pools: 3 Key Differences To Know

Getting a pool installed in your backyard can be the ideal luxury addition to your home that helps set it apart from the rest of the neighborhood. But it’s not as easy as just deciding and getting the pool put in the next day. There are many big decisions to be made, and the first of those is what kind of pool you want: saltwater or chlorine.

The differences between saltwater vs chlorine pools may not be obvious at first glance. We’ve gathered three major things that set them apart to keep in mind as you make your choice.

Saltwater VS Chlorine Pools

1. Pricing Differences

There’s a pretty notable difference in the price tags between a chlorine pool and a saltwater pool, but they’re split apart in a kind of interesting way. See, a saltwater pool generally costs more to install – up to nearly $2000 to put in a saltwater generator – but a chlorine pool has much higher upkeep expenses. With a saltwater pool, you can expect to pay around $100 a year to keep the water full of salt and the proper chemicals. On the other hand, a chlorine pool can cost as much as a few hundred all the way to nearly $1000 a year in chemical costs, depending on the size of the pool.

2. Water Damage

Different water types mean that saltwater vs chlorine pools can cause damage to different things. In particular, chlorine pools are known for causing swimwear colors to fade over time. That’s not the worst problem, but you might have to purchase new swimming clothes somewhat regularly. For saltwater pools, the water can potentially damage soil and plants around the pool over time, requiring careful monitoring of your yard.

3. Electricity Costs

When people think about a pool, one element they often don’t keep in mind is that electricity is required to keep the pool in shape. No matter what type of pool you build, you can expect a boost to your monthly electric bill. But saltwater pools in particular use significantly more electricity. Some saltwater pool owners have reported their electricity bill rising by as much as $50!

Whatever choice you make, a pool is an exciting addition to any home. Just be sure to do the research so you know what to expect from whatever type you go with.